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What is Wonder-s?

We like to think of it as a ‘portal’!

A portal to other ‘places’ ..or.. A place of ‘portals’

‘In the beginning’, one of us was thinking about some sort of web presence, a blog, forum, information, or such, while another, a serious amateur photographer, was toying with the idea of putting a few photos online.

Initially we started looking around at the various free hosting packages available, and, thinking about other folks we know who may have similar ideas or we felt could use a web presence, our ideas expanded.

After talking to a third person that we believed had something worth contributing to the ‘web waves’, who also thought it was a good idea, we decided to start from scratch; so now the three of us have this web site.

Hence the idea of the ‘Portal’, this site is basically the ‘front door’ to three (for now) individual sites, a photographer, a craftsperson/artist and a ‘would be’ social commentator/seeker; our personal wonders.

All the sites are accessible directly, with their own addresses, without coming to this portal page; but then, if you do not know of any of these sites, and have arrived here through some other reason, then this may be your chance to meet up with something that may otherwise have slipped by your attention.

This page is just our beginning, and we hope the number of doors grows, as does this portal.

This should all become clearer once you explore the sites!

However, be warned, very little of this actually exists yet

We do have some photo galleries/slideshows on, while we are exploring how to set up/use more interactive sites at (some of which, against our better judgement, and advice from 'tutorials', we will 'put live' while it is being developed). As for the third (so far) portal, at this stage we have to wait untill we learn our lessons (and get the time) from developing the first two portals; for now holds our 'hand-crafted' (except for the original still image which we animated) under-construction page! You will meet with variations on the under construction page at john. and anthea.’s front pages but don’t be fooled, there will be other links there.

If you were looking for (Spanish) shoes click here wonders. com..

However do feel free to dally here for a moment and check out where/what we are up to so far

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For us there are two main uses of the word ‘wonder’ or, more so, two ‘kinds’ of wonders:
People will consider something or someone as wonder-full or wonder-ous; their ‘performances’ or ‘works’ as wonders to behold. But also people wonder about things, how or why it is that ‘things’ are such that they are (wonder-ing how or why this or that works or happens?).
A wonder can make one wonder how or why that wonder was wondered in the first place; indeed, a wonder has to be wondered before it becomes a wonder, at which point it then becomes wondered about.